Lingfield Lodge No:7802 History

Lingfield Lodge Meeting Place

Our Lodge Meeting Places

The Ceremony of Consecration of Lingfield Lodge was held at the Masonic Hall, Croydon, Surrey on Tuesday 19th December 1961.

The first meeting place of the lodge was the the Red Barn public house at Blindley Heath. It was not uncommon back then for many lodges to meet in private rooms in public houses.

In 1977 the lodge changed venue to the purpose built Masonic centre on the Nutfield Rd, at Redhill.

The Founders of the lodge

Founders and First officers of the Lodge.


W.Bro. P. Hitchen – Worshipful Master
W.Bro. A. Bruce-Roberts, PPGW – Acting Immediate Past Master
Bro. T. A. Johnston – Senior Warden
Bro. G. E. Kerridge – Junior Warden
Bro. A. J. Thurnell – Chaplain
W. Bro. E. S. Holbrook, PPAGDC – Treasurer
Bro. N. S. Cuthbert –  Secretary
W. Bro. C. A. Shaw, PPGD – Director of Ceremonies
Bro. D. Willson – Senior Deacon
Bro. C. E. Walters – Junior Deacon
Bro. T. H. Farndale –  Assistant Director of Ceremonies
G. E. Halliday – Almoner
W. Bro D. I. H. Williams, PPGD – Asst. Secretary
Bro. W. T. Elsey – Inner Guard
Bro. S. C. Cook – Steward
Bro. J. Roffey – Steward                                                     
Bro. E. S. Bayley – Steward                                               
Bro. F. Rogers – Steward                                                   
Bro. C. A. Lawrence – Steward                                          
Bro. J. Doubtfire – Steward                                                
Bro. T. H. Olivine – Steward                                               
Bro J. A. Ragsdale – Tyler
Bro. R. Fryer
Bro. L. Whelen
Bro. F. W. James
Bro. N. H. Newton
Bro. E. E. Karn
Bro. B. Voller

Lingfield Masonic Lodge No:7802 History

The Consecration Meeting

The Ceremony of Consecration of Lingfield Lodge was held at the Masonic Hall, Croydon, Surrey on Tuesday 19th December 1961.

The R.W. Bro. Lieut-Col. H. A. Mann O.B.E, M.C., Provincial Grand Master wasCroydon-Masonic-Temple to have attended the meeting but due to ill health Deputy Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. F. T. B. Wheeler, M.A., P.G.D. carried out the Ceremony. He was assisted by five Assistant Provincial Grand Masters with a further seven Provincial Grand Officers occupying offices.

The Ceremonial Music was under the direction of W. Bro. S. R. Grainger, B.A., A.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., P.P.G.O., assisted by the Gothic Singers.

In total, 102 Brethren attended the meeting, including Visitors.

During the Ceremony of Consecration, the Consecrating Officer dedicated the Lodge after which he Constituted the Lodge, all of which was carried out in the Third Degree.

The Ceremony of Consecration also included solemn prayer, reading of Psalms, Benedictions, the scattering of corn, sprinkling of salt and the pouring of wine and oil.

Following this ceremony, the first Master of the Lodge was installed and first Officers of the Lodge were appointed.

The Lodge was “called off” and “called on” after which Lodge business was conducted. This included two proposals for Initiation and two proposals for Joining Members, which were carried.

A further proposal was for the Draft Bye-Laws of the Lodge be formally approved and finally that the Consecrating Officers be elected Honorary Members of the Lodge, both of which proposals were carried.

The Lodge was opened at 3.30 pm but no indication is given as to when it ended although I suspect not before 7.30 pm.

The Festive Board would have been a lavish affair with six courses and over 90 brethren dining.

Lingfield Lodge, Redhill
The modern day Masons

Lingfield Lodge has a good standing in the local community of Nutfield, Redhill, Godstone and Bletchingley and is Known for its generosity to local good causes and those around Surrey.

We have a policy of openness and welcome anyone interested in finding out more about what Freemasonry can do for them.

We are a warm, friendly and welcoming lodge who treat all men equal.

We provide ongoing support for all new Freemasons to ensure they enjoy their Freemasonry.

The best part – the friendships to be made!